About Me

“Hello friends!”

From a writer who only ever wrote one play in college and some pretty good fan-fiction, comes a blog about a jaded romantic, glamazon bitch, and newly diagnosed hypochondriac just trying to figure out how to live her life as a “real adult.”

Tori is your typical college grad: just nerdy enough to seem interesting, but not so nerdy that it’s actually painful.  After receiving her degree, she moved to the urine-soaked streets of New York City, hoping to look really cool on social media establish a successful career in finance and maybe even catch her big acting break.  Watch this average Masshole learn to navigate a city layout that actually makes sense, all while not flipping off every person wearing a Yankees cap.  And will she find true love along the way? (spoiler alert: no).

Catch Tori as she fast-walks her way through the streets of Tribeca in:

West Side Tori

College graduate

Coming soon to no reputable blog near you.


Reviews for In Paradisum (the one play she wrote in college):

“The play tends towards melodrama.” -The Notre Dame Observer

“I guess you hate medication for mental illness.” -friend who did not pick up on the message Tori meant to convey, which is fair because the message was poorly written

“I loved it!” -Tori’s Mom

“In Paradisum was shit. Acting: great. Direction: great. Writing: shit.” -Tori, drunk